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Regional cycling clubs

CLUB NAME [external links]


Darlington Cycling Club                                               

Mr. Wilf McNaughton                                                                                  

Michael J. Drake


Ferryhill Wheelers

Howard Jones

Swaledale Outdoor Club 

Complete the online contact form [external link]


Aycliffe Velo


Chris Atkinson

4Motion (Scooter, BMX and Skateboard Indoor Park)

 Phone:  01325 460550

Stockton Wheelers

 Find out more about events, how to join on their contact us [external link] page.

Gateway Wheelers

“Our Mission is to enable people with disabilities to enjoy cycling and create opportunities for personal development by providing suitable cycles, equipment and support.”   To contact Gateway Wheelers visit their contact us page [external link]

Cycling apps

Here are a few ideas for online cycling apps that can track your miles, monitor your health and show you were there are routes in your area.  There are many more apps for you to choose from and we welcome your comments and reviews or recommendations for other apps.  

Here are a few ideas to get started:

Before you buy a bicycle

Size my Bike [external link] A calculator to help determine what size bicycle would be best for you.

Before you leave home

St John Ambulance First Aid for Cyclists [external link]  We hope you never need this but strongly advise for having it before you leave the house.

BBC Weather [external link]  It helps to know the weather before you set out in order to plan accordingly.

Bike Repair  [external link] 95 Tips and 58 repair guides - save money and do it yourself!  

Measure your ride

Strava [external link] Track you running and cycling with GPS, join challenges, share photos from your activities, and follow friends.

Cyclemeter [external link] A comprehensive tool that uses GPS to measure the distance of your cycle rides and continually records your time, location, distance, elevation, and speed.

Map My Ride [external link] Shows you where you've been, how long it took you and how fast you cycled.

Coach my Ride [external link] A cycle training app to help improve your performance if you are wanting more of a challenge.  

Journey planners

Bike Hub Cycle Journey Planner [external link]  The Bike Hub 'cycle satnav' app finds quickest or quietest cycle routes and locates nearest bike shops. App features true turn-by-turn navigation, with voice instructions and vibrating alerts.

Cycle Streets [external link] A cycle journey planner for cyclists, by cyclists. Plan routes from A to B anywhere in the UK, with a choice of three routing modes to suit a range of cyclists from beginner to regular commuter. 

Google Maps [external link]  Did you know that Google maps will now show cyclists the flattest route - while not yet perfect it still helps to know where the hills will be en route.

For a good cause and one just for fun!

My Virtual Mission [external link]  Use this app to create your own cycle ride for charity.

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