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Walking apps for smart phones

Here are a few ideas for online walking apps that can track miles walked, monitor your health and show walks in your area.  There are many more apps to choose from and we welcome your comments and reviews or recommendations for other apps.  

Here are some ideas to get started:


Moves [external link] automatically records any walking, cycling, and running you do. You can view the distance, duration, steps, and calories burned for each activity. 

Walkmeter Abvio [external link] uses GPS to measure the distance of your walks and hikes and continually records your time, location, distance, elevation, and speed. 

Map my walk England [external link] a pedometer app that maps your route, as well as showing you walks and walking groups in your area.

Pacer Pedometer [external link] an activity tracker that can track weight and blood pressure as well as setting specific walking goals

The Walk [external link] A 500 mile thriller where every step counts.  It's time to walk for your life

For hikers

Mudmaps [external link] provides maps for hikers, helps keep you on the right path.  

Treasure maps

Treasure trails has a variety of maps to buy that offer treasure hunts, murder mysteries, spy missions in your area.


Nearby walking clubs

Darlington area walking clubs

Darlington CHA & HF Rambling Club [external link]

Darlington Dales and Hills [external link]


South Durham walking clubs

Crook & Weardale Rambling Club [external link]

Durham City Ramblers [external link]


Other walking clubs

Barnard Castle Ramblers [external link]

National walking organisations

In England the agency responsible for promoting access to the countryside is Natural England [external link].

Walking organisations promoting walking and walkers:

  • Ramblers Charity [external link] offers hundreds of group led walks across the UK every week
  • Nordic Walking [external link] specific type of walking, site offers classes and groups across the UK 
  • Walking for Health [external link] promoting walking in England to improve health.  Run by the Ramblers and Macmillan Cancer support and offers around 3,000 walks a week by specially trained volunteers.

  • Walk 4 Life [external link] Walk4Life is all about helping people move and walking is a great way to start.  Almost everyone can do it, anywhere, at any time, and it’s free!

  • Walk Unlimited [external link] formerly Walk England, a social enterprise that aims to get everyone in England walking.

Accommodations for walkers include:


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